Removing wheels from cars stored in courtyards remains a favorite way of making money for car thieves. Installation of non-standard fasteners that can be unscrewed with an individual secret key will help prevent or hinder wheel theft. The crux of the problem: wheel mounts well protect not all products offered by sellers because crooks know how to unscrew such nuts and bolts quickly. Saving is inappropriate here – you need to choose the best wheel locks to protect the car from theft.

Best wheel lock

Gorilla Automotive Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks provide excellent security for a reasonable price. It is available in different sizes, depending on different wheel models and sizes.

It is manufactured with cold-forged hardened steel and offers an excellent locking face pattern. So, it provides security with ease of use and good appearance. It has 60-degree conical seat and offers excellent shining and attractive finish.

It doesn’t come with a spare wheel lock, so you should plan about having a spare one or keep your locks set safe.

Key features:

  • Cold forged hardened steel
  • Available in different sizes
  • Narrow groove design

best wheel locks

These wheel locks come up with computer-generated lock and key patterns, chrome finish with a rust-resistant feature, and ultra-strong US steel.

It resists corrosion and offers a shiny finish due to triple nickel-chrome plating. Due to computer-generated key and lock, it is highly secure, and each lock is unique, so there is no risk of key duplication.

Key features:

  • Shiny chrome finish
  • Computer-generated secure lock and key

Looks different than other wheel locks mentioned here, this wheel lock is clamp style. These locks are designed to offer both visual and physical discouragement to thieves as it is colored with bright yellow paint and built with strong heavy-gauge steel. It also provides a pick resistant lock.

It is corrosion resistant due to the coating of epoxy powder. So it adds to security and durability.

It is not user friendly to lock and unlock it frequently due to its working principle, but it offers security to a great extent.

Key features:

  • Steel construction
  • Built-in chowk to avoid wheel movement
  • Fit on any wheel

best wheel locks

These wheel locks come in different styles, finishing and unique lock key. They offer high strength and durability due to cold-forged and heat-treated steel.

These locks also come with the option of spare locks in case you lost one.

These locks come with triple chrome plating and copper, chrome, and nickel layers for extra strength and corrosion resistance. These are also available in black, due to the cathodic black coating, which provides durability to chrome, but looks of satin black paint.

Key features:

  • Unique lock matching key
  • Black colored locks
  • 5 pack of locks

It is a large, bright yellow lock that can be seen from a distance that gives visual deterrents. In case someone messes with this wheel lock, he will find it strong enough as it looks. 

The locking device is made of heavy-duty steel construction that is very difficult to crack, and thieves need a lot of time to play with them to remove, but that will go useless due to heavy-duty steel construction. There are also some rubber tips at then clamp ends to avoid scratches on the rims.

The price is a little higher, but it offers a lot of features in this price tag. Also, they weigh around 14 pounds each, so it is difficult to handle each day and need to put it in the store.

Key features:

  • Steel construction
  • Soft handles
  • Ultimate protection

What is wheel lock?

The wheel lock is a nut or bolt equipped with a unique head and installed on each wheel instead of the standard mount. The set comes with a unique wrench corresponding to the slots and edges on the product’s head. The dimensions of the secret profile are individual – the key from another set will not work, despite the external similarity.

They are fitted with thick protective sleeves to prevent the nut or bolt from being caught with a heavy-duty pipe wrench, quality products. After tightening the fasteners, this part rotates freely, making it as difficult as possible to access the head with a secret profile.

The principle of operation of mechanical protection with locks

A lock is mechanical protection of a wheel, held on the head of a bolt or nut. The threaded part is no different from conventional products. The key to such a device is the mirror image of the pattern.

Previously, there was the installation of protection on the outer surface of bolt only, but due to the ease of removal with a gas wrench, such models were left. Then the manufacturers expanded their range of products with an internal groove or pattern, but they turned out to be too fragile. Modern models are the best wheel locks as they offer an additional protective ring.

It does not interfere with inserting the key head. It grabs the shaped part of the bolt. It is difficult to knock them down even with the help of a chisel.

There are also disadvantages of protecting wheels with locks – this is the ingress of dirt and dust into the product. Therefore, to unscrew it, it is often necessary to first clean the groove.

However, there are much more advantages, since the locks protect the wheels. If you choose the right model, then thieves often pass by wheels with protective elements, because they do not want to waste time on unscrewing, for which they can be noticed.

Possible difficulties with Wheel locks

Despite all the positive aspects of the protective device, twisting problems can occur. There are several options for the problems that can happen with even the best wheel locks:

During use, the bolt can stick to the disc body. Then it will take a lot of effort to twist, which can cause the head to fly off. As a solution to the problem, contact the service.

A large number of slots and rounds can also cause the head to fall over time.

If you come across a low-quality product, then it can simply crumble. Then, to dismantle the remaining part, you will need an ordinary bolt head, which will match as much as possible in size.

There are times when the owner simply lost the key; then, it is better to contact an authorized dealer to order a duplicate product.

Types of wheel locks

Automobile stores offer an impressive range of mechanical wheel protection against theft. There are cheap models from China and European versions that have confirmed their protection class.

The package includes a key and four special nuts or special bolts. It only needs one additional device on the wheel, which protects it from theft, and this will also reduce the owner’s costs for restoration in case of a lost key.

There are several types of wheel protection system:

  • with a curly profile
  • with a profile in the form of a polygon (asymmetric)
  • with a perforated profile
  • combined option.

To choose the best wheel lock, consider the features of each type.

Wheel lock

With a curly profile

The head of this device has several curved lines. There are different options with varying degrees of protection, ranging from medium to high. The more complex the secret, the higher its value.

wheel locks

Asymmetric polygon

The head of this device has several curved lines. There are different options with varying degrees of protection, ranging from medium to high. The more complex the secret, the higher its value.

Hole profile

Many holes are made in the head, which can be different (differ in depth and diameter) or the same. In the first case, protection is more reliable

Wheel lock

Combined option

The connection of a figured and perforated profile is considered the best in terms of protection

What characteristics should a best wheel lock have


When choosing which wheel locks are better, pay attention to the head’s shape; for example, the conical one is extremely inconvenient for tightening (the diameter is small, so the key always moves out). The shape of a star or with angular protrusions is unreliable since it can be removed with a socket wrench.

Safety ring:

The safety ring on the security bolt will turn even when the nut is over tightened. It protects the bolt from being caught from outside with simple tools and prevents it from twisting. Use this protection for stamped and cast discs.


The head should be set as low as possible so that the prepared key does not catch it.


Check the quality and strength of the material of manufacture so that the lock cannot be broken by force.


You should not choose designs with a large number of holes and slots, as dirt gets into them, which interferes with opening with the “native” key. The more complex the drawing of the lock, the more reliable the protection. It must be unique and only matches the key.

Is a wheel lock secure?

It depends on how secure a rim lock is. Rapid theft of the rims is not possible. Occasional thieves cannot open such a lock. These bolts cannot be loosened with a normal hexagon socket wrench. Professional thieves, with the appropriate equipment and knowledge, may have a chance.


What to do if the adapter or specific key can’t be found? As always, violence is not a solution.

Drivers shouldn’t handle a wrong nut. Not that the wheel carrier is still damaged. Now it’s time to contact the manufacturer, provide the serial number, and order a new adapter. It is not for nothing that the packaging should not be disposed of after purchase.

Another aid: a disassembly set. These sets are specially designed to unscrew wheel locks without a key.

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