Best Oil Drain Pans

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If you can change your engine oil yourself then you need oil drain pans to collect the used and dirty oil from the engine. They avoid messy spills of engine oil on the ground and safely transport the used oil to recycling centers.

The oil drain pan is a drip tray for collecting oil, fuel, coolants, acids, and other liquids. It has a spout or indentation to facilitate drainage of the recovered liquid .

Here we have a detailed review of Best oil drain pans.

Best Oil Drain Pans

Best oil drain pan

It is a 16-quart oil drain container that will capture a stream of oil or any other fluid with little mess. It is equipped with a handle for secure handling and can be stored upright or flat without leaking.

This pan manages two essential parts of an oil change. It serves as a drip tray to collect used oil from the engine and acts as a container to store oil. 

It is a leak-proof and eliminates mess during the oil change process. It helps you to get the oil change process easy and cleaner. It is space-efficient as it stores upright or lies flat, provides you the versatility in storage options. It allows multiple oil changes due to its high capacity.

Key features:

  • Leak-proof
  • Space-saving as it can be stored upright or lay flat.
  • High storage capacity that can contain almost two oil change before need to empty it.
  • 16 quarts oil capacity with robust handles for transport.


  • Build-in storage
  • Can be stored upright or lie flat
  • Serves as a pan and container


  • Drip pan too shallow, cannot handle large oil drain flow
  • Oil leaks through plugs that don’t fit well
  • Sometimes need funnel as drain opening is too small
best oil drain pans

In case you want a basic tool for such a purpose, then this is the right product for you. It is an 18-quart oil drain pan with dimensions of 6″ depth and 15.25″ diameter. It also contains in-build spout on one side to pour the oil easily without spilling. It is designed to avoid oil splashes by its anti-splash lip. 

This 4.5-gallon black plastic drain pan makes oil changes efficient and clean. It has some great features and a high-quality design that makes it our top pick in this review. It is a large drain pan with a perfect shape for owners with limited space under a jack. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of this pan.

Key features:

  • 18-quart capacity
  • For an easier and cleaner fluid change
  • Splash guard lip contains liquid
  • Large spout for easy pouring
  • The shaped handle makes it easy to carry, pour and store


  • Lightweight
  • Contains spout to pour out the oil to the container
  • Well-designed handles
  • There is a large opening area, so there is no need to judge where to put the pan to capture the engine’s oil stream.


  • No lid to cover while transporting used oil
  • The spout is not covered so the oil can flow out if full

It is a 15 Quart Drain Pan and used as oil storage. The optimum size of opening allows users to drain the oil directly into the container without any funnel.

Built-in handles allow easy transporting and storage of oil, and a dedicated spout with plug allows to empty the pan easily.

Key features:

  • 15 Quart capacity
  • 8″ large opening to collect oil
  • Screwcap to cover the opening
  • Drain direct, no tub, funnel required


  • No mess to clean top or sides after use.
  • No funnel required


  • The mesh sometimes causes oil spillage
  • The hole plug leaks sometimes
best oil drain pan

This tool is almost as simple as it appears. It provides easier oil changes with large opening to catch and hold used oil with no spills.

It contains an anti-splash lip, molded handles, and designated spout to pour out the oil. It is made up of tough polyethylene material for long-lasting durability.

Key features:

  • 18 quarts capacity
  • Large opening
  • Built-in spout
  • polyethylene material


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Anti-splash lip
  • Spout to pour out the oil


  • No lid to cover while transporting
  • The spout is not covered so the oil can flow out if full

Not for everyone. This oil drain tank allows commercial users to extract waste oil and other fluids from vehicles using the venturi-vacuum extracting system or draining by gravity.

It is an 80-quart capacity container with a venturi-vacuum extracting system. You can use an air compressor to transfer the oil from the tank to your secondary container.

The height can be adjusted from 45″ To 72-1/2″ for draining fluids from vehicles on lifts. It contains wheels for easy movement.

Key features:

  • 80-quart capacity
  • Venturi vacuum extraction system
  • Easy movement
  • Adjustable height


  • High storage capacity
  • High quality steel material


  • Expensive
  • Not easy to use as other oil drain pans

Why do I need Oil drain Pan?

Avoid oil spills:

The most undesirable part of an oil change is the messy oil spills on the floor while draining the used oil out of the engine block using simple buckets. They avoid oil splashes and also prevent oil spills if you accidentally bump into the bucket.

User Friendly:

Oil drain pans are very simple to use because no special arrangements are required. Just place it under the drain plug of engine oil pan.


Oil drain pans are not expensive, and the price is well justified for the purpose and ease they fulfill.

Key features of an Oil drain pan

Avoid spillage:

Excellent oil drain pan is essential as you don’t want to clean the floor due to oil spills. So, your oil drain pan should handle all the oil without spilling.

Integrated storage:

The most desirable feature of an oil drain pan is the built-in storage that stores used oil after collecting it through the engine block. The oil collects on the pan and flows directly into the storage.

Not all the oil drain pans have this feature, but you can buy the drain pans with storage if you want this feature. If you’re going to store the used oil after the oil change and dispose of it later, then the oil drain pan must have a closed and leak-proof container that can hold the oil without leakage. The rubber sealing on the plug can avoid leakage efficiently.


The material must be good and lost lasting. The oil drain pan should have a robust design with durable material. The material should be reliable enough to avoid leaks. The screen mesh on the top of the drain pan is useful as it can filter and catch drain plug and oil filter.

Opening size:

The hole’s opening size is significant as the smaller drain opening can clog easily and can cause spills. So a large drain opening is always helpful. It will drain the oil stream quickly into the pan, and additional effort is eliminated to position the it under the engine in an ideal position. 


As the oil is heavy and some vehicles may have 5 to 6 liters of oil, and it weighs a lot. Handle must be there with a pan to hold the oil drain pan filled with oil comfortably.


This is the most crucial factor while buying an oil drain pan. Vehicle has a different volume of engine oil in it. You want to dispose of the old oil after two oil changes, so it must have enough capacity to store two sessions of oil drain, but this will cause a heavier and larger size of the pan. So choose the reasonable size depending on your requirement and profile of engine block as this pan has to be placed underneath the engine block. So, it should be low in profile to fit comfortably.

Other accessories:

Mesh Screen:

You can use a mesh screen on the top of the oil drain pan to prevent the drain plug into the oil pan. As the oil is hot, it will be difficult to find the drain plug with hand once it is lost into the pan.


This gadget is useful when changing the oil filter as oil spills out while removing the filter.

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