Best 0w-20 Oil

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Before looking for best 0W-20 oil, it is essential to find the right type of oil for your engine. Once you filter out the correct type of oil, it is easier to find the right brand. If your engine is old then you should use high mileage oil for better performance.

If you want to change the engine oil by yourself, then look at our guide on “how to change engine oil.

The W in the code represents winter certification, while the digit 0 is the viscosity of the oil at low temperature, while 20 represents the oil’s viscosity at high temperature. So, these numbers show that this oil is suitable for engines running in low temperature areas. This oil will be less thick at low temperatures.

There are various kinds of 0W-20 engine oils available in the market. Here is the list of best 0W-20 oil available in the market.

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1- Valvoline Advanced

2- Castrol EDGE

3- Liquimoly 2208

4- Royal Purple 51020

5- Pennzoil Platinum


Valvoline Advanced engine oil

Valvoline advanced full synthetic motor oil provides the best protection for engines running in harsh conditions. The base of advanced additive technology is specially designed to help engine in severe engine stress, stop and go driving behavior, and extreme operating temperatures.

Valvoline advanced full synthetic engine oil protects against heat, deposits, and wear. It provides 50% wear protection to the engine. This oil is ideal in all conditions as it can manage the engine in cold weather and also performs well in hot weather. It also increases the fuel efficiency as it can smoothly flow to the engine parts during startup, thus protecting the engine in cold starts.


  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Help engine during cold startups
  • Works brilliantly in cold temperatures
  • Help fight sludge and deposits


  • Not compatible with diesel engine

The Castrol Edge engine oil has been specially developed to improve engine efficiency. It is equipped with Fluid Strength technology and is intended to ensure maximum performance even under extreme conditions. The manufacturer touts it as the best and most developed engine oil.

Castrol 03124 EDGE is one of the top brands in the filed of engine lubricants. It is a well-trusted brand among consumers. So, it deserves to be listed among the best 0W-20 oil on our list. Castrol Edge is a fully synthetic engine oil designed to get the best out of the engine. It is suitable for gasoline as well as diesel engines. It is based on fluid titanium technology to get the maximum out of the engine and protection. Castrol edge, with fluid titanium technology, transforms its structure under pressure to behave better and keep metal apart. It bears extreme engine pressure due to this technology.

It is also designed to reduce friction, anti-wear, and deposit control protection. It flushes out the dirt, sludge, and other deposits very effectively. Well-engineered elements included in this oil perform cleaning to such extent that oxidation and corrosion would not occur. Such cleaning will remove metal particles, so avoid metal wear and friction. So, this oil helps both in lubrication and cleaning.


  • Fluid titanium technology
  • Performs lubrication and cleaning
  • Improve fuel economy


  • Not best oil for cold starts

Liquimoly 2208

Although this brand is made in Germany, Liquimoly 2208 0W-20 Special Tec AA Motor Oil works perfectly for Japanese and American cars. Liquimoly 0W-20 oil is synthetic oil, and it will ensure engine protection and performance. This oil has a heavy-duty formula that lubricates the engine with thick oil to prevent metal to metal wear. This synthetic oil is designed to reduce friction between parts, which reduces engine wear and ensures better performance.

Liquimoly tec AA motor oil improves the overall formula as it is designed with a premium base oil and first-rate additives. It can remove deposits like sludge, grime, and similar other deposits, thus cleans the engine effectively. The long-lasting formula designed in Liquimoly 2208 oil reduces the frequency of oil changes users can save money in this case. This oil is synthetic and maintains its performance in high and low temperatures so that it can be used in any season.


  • Long-lasting design reduces engine oil change frequencies.
  • No issue during cold start
  • User-friendly bottle design


  • Little expensive

Royal Purple 51020

This engine oil will enhance your engine performance and provides extra protection to engine parts. With its enhanced protection, the catalytic converter system is always clean. It also provides outstanding wear protection to the engine and prevents the engine from starving.

Royal purple motor oil is compatible with both synthetic and conventional motor oils. But if you are looking for oil suitable for high performance engines, then this oil is not for you.


  • Enhance engine performance & protection
  • Prevent engine starvation
  • Protects engine from wear and corrosion


  • Not ideal for high-performance cars

Pennzoil Platinum oil

Pennzoil platinum provides the best performance to your engine as it is fully synthetic designed for such purpose. It provides oil quickly at low temperatures and also protects in extreme heat. This 0W-20 synthetic oil provides a better fuel economy that can save a lot of money and can be used in any season throughout a year because it works in cold and hot temperatures.

This Pennzoil oil has its PurePlus technology that involves gas to liquid process to convert natural gas into full synthetic oil. The PurePlus technology, together with best additives, protects the engine from sludge, grime, and other deposits. It keeps the pistons cleaner due to its additives and manufacturing technology.


  • Best performance at low as well as high temperatures
  • Better fuel economy
  • Better engine cleaning


  • Bottle design not suitable for pouring


We have briefly reviewed few best 0W-20 engine oil available in the market and your choice depends on the budget and the features of each engine oil. However Valvoline Advanced will be the best option as per our review.

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